Rabbits and Owls - Junior Kindergarten

We have two rooms for older children. Our Rabbits and our Owls will be attending school in the coming year. They are socially and intellectually ready to take on new challenges. Our program goals focus on expanding each child’s knowledge of their world while building confidence and a love of the learning process. The programming of our younger levels is further developed with greater emphasis on math, science and reading readiness. Lots of “teamwork” helps to reinforce the value of cooperation, while independent activities leave room for self-expression.

To enjoy outdoor play, all we need to do is open the door and step out into our spacious, fully enclosed playground, with multiple play areas and surfaces. Contact Us to learn more.

Christopher Robin’s Learning Centre

Rabbits and Owls Staff


Sara Kendall

ECE Rabbits. Has been with CRLC since 2004