Piglets - Toddler Care

Our Piglet Program is for children ages 18 – 26 months. Toddlers are very active and inquisitive, eager to figure out how everything works. They begin to push their physical and social limits and may “try out” behaviours like biting and pushing. Toddlers are ready for the challenges and benefits of group play but still need lots of adult attention and support. Toddler care is more structured than Infant Care, with circle times, daily art exploration, story times, etc. However, in appreciation of the very young child’s attention span and need for constant adult supervision, the teacher to child ratio is very small (1:6) and the activity times are flexible.

To enjoy outdoor fun, all we need to do is open the door and step out into our spacious, fully enclosed playground, with multiple play areas and surfaces.  Contact Us to learn more.

View our Roos and Piglets Playground

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Piglets Staff


Caitlin Turner

ECE Piglets. Has been with CRLC since 2017


Kayla Coleman

ECE Piglets. Has been with CRLC since 2018