Christopher Robin’s Learning Centre


When you are looking for the right child care arrangement, you have SO MANY questions. We have the answers…

Christopher Robin’s is a fully licensed child care facility. This means that we are inspected and monitored by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Our license may be revoked if we are found to be in violation of the law as stated in The Nova Scotia Day Care Act. A copy of this document is posted on our parent bulletin board and is available upon request.

There are very exact requirements regarding interior and exterior spacing, safety regulations, equipment, programming and staffing. Our centre meets and/or exceeds each requirement. We are also licensed and inspected by the N.S. Department of Health and by the Fire Department. Contact Us to learn more.

Our programs are designed and implemented by trained professionals whose educational backgrounds include courses in Child Development, Child Psychology and Educational Theory. Most child care practitioners have either a degree or a diploma in Early Childhood Education. In accordance with The Nova Scotia Day Care Act, at least 2/3 of our teaching staff must be fully trained.

A Professional Development Fund provides financial assistance to encourage teachers to continue their training through participation in workshops and seminars. Teaching staff attend regularly scheduled planning meetings and have reviews to discuss program implementation.

All employees of Christopher Robin’s are screened through the N.S. Child Abuse Registry, undergo a Criminal Record Check and maintain current First Aid and CPR training.  Contact Us to learn more.

The safety of our children is a priority at Christopher Robin’s. Parents and staff enter the building using Security Access Cards. There is a $5 fee per card. We ask that family members inform us immediately if a card is lost or stolen.

Only parents, guardians and staff are issued security access cards. All visitors must ring the buzzer and be admitted by a staff member. If a friend or family member without a card is coming to pick up a child, we ask for advance notification. They will be asked to show I.D. Contact Us to learn more.

Our menu includes a morning snack, a full lunch and an afternoon snack. The menu meets or exceeds the guidelines for Food and Nutrition in regulated child care programs developed by the Food and Nutrition Support for Licensed Child Care Centres Advisory Group and is posted in each classroom. All families are welcome to take home a copy of our menu.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, unprocessed foods and whole grains are staples of our daily snacks and lunches. We are a PEANUT AWARE centre. This means that we do not keep nuts, or products we know to contain nuts, in our kitchen. We ask all families to respect this policy and not send children into the building with any food items containing nuts. Due to the number of allergies, it is important to check with staff before sharing any snacks .

At Christopher Robin’s, our main focus continues to be the overall health and well-being of the children in our care, their families and our staff. We feel that we can safely care for children under the direction of Nova Scotia Public Health during this time, with cooperation from our families , staff and supports.

For full details on our COVID-19 Operational Plan click here.

Parents of infants must supply breast milk or formula and baby foods as required. We will work closely with each infant family to develop an infant feeding care program to aid the transition to eating from our menu. Contact Us to learn more.