Covid Operational Template

This template outlines the general COVID-19 specific policies and procedures that businesses and services must have in place to operate under the updated Public Health Order. We are using this template form that PEI has created for its province, as we love how clear it makes everything. This too will act as a living document and change as Public Health restrictions and recommendations evolve.

Social Distancing

Measures used to maintain social distancing Steps taken to ensure minimal interaction of people. (2 metres separation)
    Between employeesThe centre will function as 3 distinct Bubbles * Houses*  infants and toddlers will be Piglets House ( Bubble 1) Playschool (large room) will be Eeyore’s House ( Bubble 2) the right side of the building ( main entrance) Will be Tigger’s House (Bubble 3) Preschool and JR. K classes. 
Classroom activities may encourage opportunities for individual and smaller group play.
When nests need to share a space, it will be done so on a scheduled manner with proper sanitization
Educators will have masks and lab coats.
Between parents and staffWe are staggering drop offs, asking that all families have a designate person to drop off/pickup when possible. During the initial phase drop off and pickups will occur at 1 of 3 stations outside the building. 
Drop off procedure: please remain in your vehicle until directed to approach the designated screening station. A staff will escort your child to their class. Pick up procedure: Please ring the doorbell, text, or message to indicate your arrival. A staff will escort your child to you. 
This may be re-evaluated as numbers increase. 
Between educators and children and children with peersChildren will not be social distancing from peers but will be kept in “houses” to minimize contact.
Children and staff will not be social distancing from each other within their houses.  Should physical contact need to occur outside of the nest, masks and proper hand washing are mandatory.

Policy for Exclusion of Employees and Children Requiring Self-Isolation

Prior to beginning work each day, every employee must complete and sign the screening process form indicating that they do not have any of the symptoms or have travelled outside of the province within 14 days. 

Parent/Caregivers must complete and sign the Public Health screening process form for their child and family including a child temperature check. 

Any “yes” answer on the screening tool will require the staff or family to follow public health mandates of calling 811, testing and self-isolation until receiving further direction from public health.

Should there be no government supports, families will be required to continue to pay fees during the time of isolation.

If many staff are out due to an illness of sorts and relief staff are as well, classroom spots may need to be lowered that day.

Outbreak Management Plan

If a case of COVID-19 is confirmed to be connected to a childcare setting, Public Health will provide additional guidance including ensuring that appropriate supports are in place to coordinate the response. One (1) confirmed case of COVID-19 in a childcare setting would be considered an outbreak.

Public Health actions and directions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Contact tracing, which involves identifying contacts of a positive case and contacting those individuals
  • Requesting records that identify cohorts/groups of staff and children in the childcare setting for a specified time frame
  • Testing of staff and children that may have been exposed to a positive case
  • Enhancing environmental cleaning
  • Assessing need for facility closure

Childcare settings are expected to work with Public Health to ensure a prompt response to cases of COVID-19 that may have been exposed in or may have attended a childcare setting.

Illness/Exclusion Policy

  • All families and staff must fill out the screening document upon arrival at CRLC.
    • All staff must self-monitor and monitor children for symptoms and report to management if they have concerns about possible COVID exposure or possible symptoms.
    • Any staff member or children who develop symptoms of COVID-19 at work must immediately perform hand hygiene, report to management, leave as soon as it is safe to do so. Please call 811 to arrange testing.
    • Children who are presenting symptoms will be self-isolating with a designated staff in the office while waiting parents’ arrival.
    • Symptomatic staff and children will be required to self-isolate until tested for COVID-19 and the results are confirmed.
    • If there is a positive case, CRLC families will be notified right away and we will begin the outbreak management plan.

Symptoms of COVID-19 include:

  • cough (new or exacerbated chronic)
    • headache
    • fever/chills
    • sore throat
    • marked fatigue
    • sneezing
    • congestion
    • body aches
    • runny nose
    • diarrhea
    • loss of taste or smell
    • rash on skin or discolouration of fingers and toes
    • difficulty breathing

Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfection of Shared Areas and Surfaces

Cleaning and disinfecting is a 2-step process :1) Cleaning products will remove visible soil and/or dirt from surfaces. 2) Disinfecting products are used to destroy bacteria and viruses.

Cleaning productSani-Marc Power Quat Solution & Norwex enviro cloths
Mixing instructions1 :160 
Disinfecting productWood Wyant Vert-2-Go Sabre (toys chairs, tables, play surfaces) (premeasured via mixer valve)Sani-Marc Power Quat (floors, carpets, soft surfaces) (1:160)Wood Wyant Zochlor stabilized chlorine tablets (outdoor surfaces) (1 tablet per 710ml water)Clorox Bleach Germicidal Wipes (change pads) 
Cleaning LocationFrequencyProduct Disinfecting LocationFrequenc yProduct
Change tableseach morningChlorox Toilets and pottiesbeginning and end ofPower Quat Chlorox Wipes
 and afterWipes each day, 
 each use  after each 
Eating tables andeachChlorox  Toys and basketsAfter Power Quat
food prepmorning Toys will be rotated throughout the dayusage, endcleaner
surfacesand afterWipes of dayand
 each use   Vert-2-GO
   toys that are  
   mouthed are to  
   be put into  
   cleaning bin ASAP  
Door handles,eachEnviro Floors Carpets Soft surfacesbeginningPower Quat
 morning,cloths and end of 
 during  each day, 
 lunch and end of day.Chlorox Wipes after messes 
Light switcheseachEnviro Paper towelbeginningEnviro
 morning,clothsdispensers,of day,cloth
 during lunch and Chlorox Wipesmicrowaves, fridges, handlunch and end of day Chlorox wipes
 end of day. sanitizer stationsor as 
Cots/cribs/MatsAfter each useEnviro cloths Power Quat Tapsafter each useChlorox wipes
ShelvesBeginningEnviro  iPads, phonesbefore andenviro
 and end ofcloths after usingcloth
 each dayVert-2 go   
  for high   
  contact shelves   
BeddingWeekly or as neededlaundry Masks and lab coatsdailylaundry
Couch and Chairdailylaundry Books Used on a 5-day rotation
covers    books to

* Should a child or staff present symptoms, their nest area or places of contact will be evacuated and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Hand Washing /Sanitizer Stations

We all must do our part to prevent the spread of illness. We know that practicing good hygiene is an essential part of preventing the spread of COVID-19. To protect yourself and others from getting sick, take the following precautions:

  • wash your hands often (in addition to routine times such as after using the washroom, diaper changing, before eating, after eating, when handling food,)
    • wash your hands after you cough/sneeze into your elbow
    • wash your hands after you blow your nose or wipe a child’s
    • wash your hands after outdoor play
    • wash your hands after dealing with bodily fluids
    • wash your hands after cleaning
    • avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands,
    • use alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available.
Hand Washing StationsLocation
  Staff and ChildrenWashrooms, classroomsOutdoors on each playground
Publicpossibly front entry way depending on orders.
Hand Sanitizer StationsLocation
   StaffEach screening station entranceEach PlaygroundEach ClassroomStaff room and Kitchenettes
  Publicat front entryat screening station

A video has been made to share with families and children to support proper hand washing.