Christopher Robin’s Returning During A Pandemic: Procedures and Protocols

This is an outline of our procedures and protocols. This will be a living document and edited based on Public Health recommendations and best practice. Any updates will be communicated with CRLC families as they are made. During a pandemic time, our focus is on the physical and emotional safety of our families and our staff.

Preparing for your child’s return to daycare:

  • Watch our return to school video
  • Review our Social Story
  • Please send us a picture of your family to post in our class (
  • Please leave personal toys at home or in the car. 
  • Please limit items brought into the centre (to limit cross contamination) 

Hours of Operation:

During our initial re-opening phase, centre hours will be adjusted to 8am -5pm to allow staff time to prepare and sanitize their rooms both morning and evening.  The goal is to gradually return to normal hours as we progress through the learning process and in accordance with Public Health Guidelines. 

Drop offs and PickupsThis will require a lot of patience and time.

In an effort to limit person to person contact, the centre will now be divided into 3 bubbles which we will refer to as houses.  Piglets House will refer to the infant and toddler rooms. Eeyore’s House will refer to the large room in front to the left (Preschool Room). Tigger’s House will comprise the 3 rooms on the right side of the building (Playschool/JR. K).  The teachers will be divided into teams and will not leave their designated “house”. Staff will take their breaks in their houses during quiet time. Children will remain in their “house” and will not be permitted to change rooms throughout the day. Each house will have a designated screening station for staff and families.

  • Recognizing that the summer months are usually a time when children typically get to visit new rooms and September is a time of change within the centre, we are taking this opportunity to make the moves now to limit changing bubbles. Children who were in Playschool pre-covid will now be moved to the large room in front (preschool). Children who were in preschool will move to the right side of the building (playschool /jr. k) 

Parents will not be permitted to enter the building during the initial phase or reopening.  During drop off and pick up, we ask that caregivers and children respect the 2m(6ft) rule if socializing in the parking lot. On arrival, we ask that you remain in your vehicle until you are cleared to approach your screening station by the designate. Parents will be greeted outside the centre at a designated screening area by one staff person. 

Piglets will be screened at the entrance to the paved area and will be escorted to their room via the back door in toddler care. 

Eeyores will be screened at the entrance to the preschool room.

 Tiggers will be screened at the main entrance. 

Sanitizing mats will be placed at the screening stations and back doors. The paved area will be sanitized after all screenings are completed and before the Eeyores are permitted to use it for play. 

 During pick up, we ask that you ring the bell, call, or text to advise of your arrival and a staff member will bring your child to meet you. During our initial re-opening phase, centre hours will be adjusted to 8am -5pm to allow staff time to prepare and sanitize their rooms both morning and evening.  The goal is to gradually return to normal hours as we progress through the learning process and in accordance with Public Health Guidelines.

Screening Process:  We ask (where possible) one parent/caregiver be designated to do drop off and pick up. 

Parents/Guardians will be given the questionnaire from Public Heath to fill out and sign while the staff person takes the child’s temperature using a no contact forehead thermometer. If the child is cleared to attend for the day the child will enter the centre with the screening staff/ runner and will wash their hands using soap and warm water for a minimum of 20 secs. before entering their room. (teachers will aid where necessary). 

All staff will be required to undergo the same screening process prior to beginning work and daily as well as signing that they agree to follow the current Public Health standards.

While visitors to CRLC are rare. They will also be required to fill out the questionnaire and consent to having their temperature taken before being granted admittance. (Health professionals i.e. physio, EIBI etc.) 

Staff Uniform:

Staff will attempt to limit physical contact with children where possible. Recognizing that children do need physical contact and comfort, when close contact is required (injury, feeding etc.) we will take extra safety measures. The procedure will be as follows; a fabric or disposable barrier will placed over clothing, (receiving blanket, removable button shirt) gloves and a mask will be worn.( Once the child is comforted, soiled items will be placed in a laundry basket or disposed of as appropriate.) Staff will be required to have a change of clothes kept on site in the event of possible exposure to contaminants. This will be laundered and kept on site. 

While the use of masks is not mandated by Public Health Staff at CRLC may still choose to wear theirmasks daily. All staff in direct contact with children will wear non-medical masks  during the initial phase  of return to care ,while there are active cases in the province ,when they are unable to maintain appropriate social distance and/or during close contact events i.e. diaper changing, applying sunscreen, serving meals). Families are free to choose whether their child wears a mask daily. If you do choose to send your child with a mask ,please ensure it is labelled with your child’s name ( it will be stored in a sealed bag during meal and rest times and sent home with the child at the end of the day to be laundered at home and returned). Public Health does not recommend masks for children under the age of 2 years.

Sanitation Processes:

We will be abiding to what is mandated by Public Health during this Pandemic time.

All staff are to wipe down high touch several times a day and after each use (i.e. tabletops), with a Public Health approved cleaner. Toys will be washed with soap and water and then sanitized with bleach solution. All other areas will be cleaned with Enviro Cloths from Norwex throughout the day.

Toys have been limited and will be disinfected daily; toys will be substituted with others while cleaning is in progress.

Mopping of all areas will happen frequently throughout the day including hallways.

A schedule is posted in each classroom and will be shared with parents.

Bedding will be done at our regular schedule, but blankets will be stored in a sealed bag. Cots and cribs will be wiped down daily.

Backyard sanitation will be done as needed. (I have purchased a fogger…. heats water up to sanitize through a mist of spray.)

(During the initial reopening phase, each House will have a designated cleaner who will follow a routine of cleaning inside toys while the children are outside and outside toys while the children are inside)

Children’s Items:

All items need to be brought in a zip lock bag with your child’s name marked on it. Ideally please provide the following items which will remain at the centre, 2 complete changes of clothes, one sweater, one pair of rubber boots, one pair of indoor shoes, one rain suit (splash pants/jacket).

 Please clearly label diapers and wipes.

We ask that you refrain from bringing outside food into the centre. In the case of allergies/special diet please ensure the items are clearly marked and in original packaging or a container which can be easily sanitized. 


Communication is key and even more so during a Pandemic. As you are dropping your child off, we ask that you be mindful of time as others are waiting to come into the centre.

We are asking all families to download the HiMama parent app (it is free) so that we can have communication and be able to send you photos and updates throughout the day as we ease back to our new normal. 

Room set ups:

All rooms are being set up to reflect as much of a safe relating space as possible. Children will not be expected to social distance during play while within their bubble however, we will be encouraging social distancing at meal and bathroom time. Visits between “houses” will not be permitted at this time.  

Staff who are required to cross bubbles ( Director, Inclusion Coordinator, Cook, ) will be required to wear appropriate PPE ( mask, lab coat, gloves) and to limit time and direct contact with children within the bubble. 

Nap time cots will be spaced as far apart as possible and children will maintain a foot to feet or feet to head position to support as much social distancing as possible.

Backyard Play/Community Walks:

Outside play areas will be designated for each “house” and toys and equipment sanitized after each use. The Piglets will use the infant playground The Eeyores will use the pavement. The Tiggers will use the back playground. Schedules will be adjusted, and proper distancing procedures will befollowed to ensure there is no cross over of groups when entering and exiting to the outdoor play spaces.

Where appropriate, Houses may choose to go on a walk in the Cul De Sac provided they are able to maintain appropriate social distance. 

* please note, this plan is subject to change as our numbers increase or as recommendations change.

Staffing Schedules:

During this phase, our staffing schedules are going to rotate on a 2-week basis, it will follow this pattern:

  • 1 ECE will be designated house educator and will be required to where a mask when in direct contact with the children.
  • each house will have a cleaner and a screener. The cleaner will be the staff responsible to cover lunch and bathroom breaks, support cleaning and will step into the role of House Educator should illness occur. (cleaner staff are not to be in physical contact with children and must socially distance from other staff, as it is their responsibility to reduce risk of getting sick.)
  • The screener will be responsible for ensuring all staff and children entering the building adhere to the Public Health Checklist. The screener must wear appropriate PPE during screening (mask, lab coat, gloves). They are expected to social distance from others within the house to minimize the risk of spreading contagion. 

Please note, this is a living document and will change and evolve as numbers increase, seasons change and in accordance with direction from Public Health and/or the department of education and early learning.  Parents will be notified of all updates via HIMama and Social Media channels.